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Currently this is being set up to give updates on the health and recovery of Aunt Sara. 

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Update received on August 22, 2009:

Aunt Sara fell a few nights ago around 1am and landed on her back. She has a compression fracture on her second lumbar vertebrae (I think that's correct) and has been in the hospital ever since.

They are treating her aggressively with pain medicine and will start Physical Therapy on Monday if her blood pressure is down. She hasn't rested well because of the pain so they have requested NO PHONE CALLS OR VISITORS for the time being. However, Becky said that Piper will get to go up and see her either today or tomorrow and this can hopefully be a frequent thing, so that will be great for her!

Please pray for her pain - that it can be controlled - and that she will rest well so her body can heal and respond well to the Physical Therapy that she will hopefully start Monday. Also, her blood pressure is high because of the pain, so pray that it goes down before Monday so they can start. She also needs to get good nutrition in her, and please pray for wisdom for the doctors.

Mail can be sent to her house - cards and such are GREATLY appreciated!

119 West Lewis Street
Whiteville, NC 28472


 Update received on August 23, 2009

Here's another update - Becky just said that her blood pressure has gone down some is closer to a normal range which is a huge praise! She has gotten some rest but still needs lots more, her pain is fairly moderate, and she starts physical therapy tomorrow! The doctor told them today that she "is in a good position to progress" so that has given them lots of hope!

Please pray for the therapy tomorrow, her strength, the pain, her blood pressure, and for her to be able to eat and have good nutrition through all of this! Tomorrow night we will know more specific prayer requests once the doctors see how therapy goes, etc. Keep praying! Becky said they could definitely tell that prayers were working with her pain and blood pressure, so keep it up!
Update received on August 25, 2009
Update for today - Aunt Sara's doing well today! Her physical therapy hasn't started yet - it will tomorrow - and today has been a great day! Her blood pressure is kinda "bumpy" according to Becky, but it's going more low than hi so that's still a plus! She had a CAT scan to check out the fracture and the results "were positive" so this again is great news! Her appetite has increased today and it's slowly building her strength. The pain is way down, too!

Prayer Requests - Physical therapy starts tomorrow, for her blood pressure to continue to lower and stay in a normal range, for continued rest, and for a continued appetite!
Update received on August 29, 2009
Aunt Sara has been moved to a rehab center in order to get the physical therapy, etc. Along with the help of the physical therapist Aunt Sara was able to sit on the side of the bed with her feet hanging off yesterday for about 2 minutes. Typically she's laying down almost flat, so this is great news! Physical therapy will start back up Monday and will happen around 2-3 times a day. Praise report - her blood pressure has stabilized and her other things that she was having issues with have cleared up! Becky asked everyone to PLEASE keep praying for her pain levels and the physical therapy. She said that Aunt Sara REALLY needs encouragement in order to get through the next few weeks especially, so to PLEASE send cards, letters, photos, etc. to her at her house.
From Allyson:
Everyone please see the top of this post to get Aunt Sara's address if you don't know it, so you can send her something. Lets all commit to sending her a card every other week. With that, she will have more than enough cards and love to get her through this. My kids and I will do so tomorrow!! You can post on Facebook when you are sending and we can all alternate!!! 
Love to you all!! Let's love Aunt Sara better than she has ever loved on us - this we probably cannot do, but lets at least TRY to show her Christ's love on this side!!! Love ya - Allyson & family!
Update received on August 31, 2009
(From Rachel Walton) Just talked to Becky - Aunt Sara started physical therapy today and did GREAT! The goal by the doctors was to get her to sit up with her feet hanging over the side of the bed with assistance... She ended up sitting up WITHOUT assistance and then went on to take SEVEN STEPS! Prayer works! And her appetite has increased, thankfully - (mainly strawberry ice cream or slushies apparently - ha!) - so she's doing great! Continue to pray for strength and for days like this to multiply! Keep sending cards and letters, too!
Update received on September 9, 2009
(From Rachel Walton).  I just talked to Becky.  Aunt Sara isn't doing so well.  She's back in the hospital due to complications from her fall. 
Please be in continuous prayer for her.  Please continue to send notes and cards to let her know how you are praying for her.
Update received on September 13, 2009
(from 2 sources).  Rachel spoke with Becky.  Aunt Sara is still in the hospital and looks to have taken a downward spiral.  She is in hospice care. Please pray for her.  
Alissa spoke with Becky and said that Aunt Sara is smiling and seems comfortable, happy and relaxed.  There is the thought that she will not make it through the night.  Only God knows Aunt Sara's days.  Pray for God's will for our precious Aunt Sara.  We will miss her, yet her going in to Heaven will be one of the most glorious!!!
Oh how I love her and oh what she means to me.  I can only imagine what she does mean to you as well.  
Update received on September 14th, 2009
(From Robert James Lynn):

I find it hard to actually write this note but it must be done. Aunt Sara's condition is not great and the doctors are giving her 1 to 3 days to live. The doctors have taken her off all of her medications. Aunt Becky, Deb, and Robin have been with her and are holding on quite well. Please keep them in your prayers as all three are exhausted and need God's strength to continue. As can be expected, they are looking into funeral plans and such, and I will pass on information as I get it.

One of the things they are going to do is do a photo memorial for Aunt Sara. For those of you who want, you can send a few pictures of Aunt Sara to Joanna Phillips to be put in the montage, perferrably those of Aunt Sara and you. Please send e-mail them as soon as possible to Joanna at . Please spread the word to everyone else, I simply couldn't tag everyone in this note.

Love you all,
Oh what love she has for all of us and our walks with our Heavenly Father.  Oh, how we can honor her - by continuing to be the LIGHT she encouraged us all to be.  Walk long and diligently, yet have fun doing it.  Love you all.  Please send Joanna those pictures.
Update received September 15, 2009
From Rachel walton: "Just heard from Becky - Aunt Sara had a fairly restless night... her home-going is imminent - possibly up to 48 hours..."
October 3, 2009:
Well, it has been a while without any updates, b/c sweet Aunt Sara decided she was a fighter - like many of us already know.  She however did walk into Glory (well probably danced knowing her) at 2 am this morning.  While it is a huge loss for us left here, it is a great gain for Her.  She is now dancing at the feet of her Jesus, and reunited with her sweet husband Tom and her son Billy.  Who can ask for anything better? Your entire family worshiping the Almighty King TOGETHER and in person at His Glorious feet.  There is nothing better. 
Her Life Celebration services have not been set yet.  Will pass it along when I know.